26 December 2009

2009 - The Year in Review

After reading through all my facebook status' and events diary for the year, and it being close to it's end, I thought I'd do a bit of cut and pasting and use them to do a review of 2009 from my perspective.


It was not a very fortuitous start to the year. I'd started it at 'The Hobbit' pub with a couple of guys from work who I'd only just started getting to know, waiting for other friends who never showed.
Normally The beginning of the year is an exciting one with lots of friends, looking forward to what the new year may bring! This one was just bland, which was setting the scene for most of 2009 as it turned out.

I spent January watching films and TV programmes, such as Big Brother, 24, Heroes and Lost. I also spent a great deal of time going to work and finishing essays and presentations for university.

Big news events that were personally noted, include; the death of Patrick McGoohan, Barak Obama's Inauguration and his Zombie cult followers and the new UK law that criminalises Photographers and Videographers that take images of the Police!

Continuation of work and university with weekly doses of 24 and Heroes while discovering after effects, along with weekly trips to the Calshot climbing walls which was making my back and shoulder injury worse.

My back and shoulder continued to worsen which frequented headaches, migraines and insomnia which was leaving me taking ibuprofen and solpadene almost daily.

I regularly listened to Alex Jones to keep up with the latest alternative news which caused
my own sister to delete me from facebook, because I didn't share the same political and spiritual viewpoint on Obama as she does. Well maybe that wasn't the real reason, but I thought it was at the time, but it's ok, we're on the same page now :-D
During my usual internet research sessions, I was saddened to find out that the house I was born in has now been converted into a cafe

Film of the month was 'Watchmen'

After seeing Youtube was upside down for April Fools Day I realised that Watching Films, youtube clips, researching the New World Order and sleeping all day was not going to get my final dissertation done! Work and Universirty continued, along with the Headaches and Shoulder/Back getting worse!

This month ended on a downer when I had got suspended from work for putting a comedy video clip up on my facebook page to make my work buddies chuckle. I won't go into it all again, I was recorded on a youtube clip to explain my story.

It all came at the wrong time really, one month left at university, a dissertaion to finish, a sit-com to film, direct and edit were the main things on my mind, and they wanted me to go through a disciplinary process (that I knew from the outset was set up for me to lose, it was the obvious one sided wording of the questions that gave it away. lol)

I heard the tragic news of the death of a friend and old Beaulieu co-worker who I hadn't seen for about a year. It still affected me nonetheless and caused me to question a lot of personal issues and spiritual beliefs i had.

I also had probably the worst Birthday ever, one that was supposed to be a special one and I was attacked for voicing some information that I had recently discovered. Defending myself and things I have found to be true, isn't always met with positive reactions. In this situation, I felt, removing myself from the arguement for a while to clear my thinking was the best course of action. It was interpreted by others in a different and negative way, however, which resulted in me spending my birthday alone. It was the lowest point of my year!

This month saw me finish uni as I handed in my final dissertation for university "Comedy and the Social Critic", I also directed, starred in and edited the final piece, a half hour sit-com, called "Warpaint", written by Tom Pinnock.

The filming of the Talentcall auditions took place this month too. Although I finally got told I was sacked from Odeon, things were starting to look up and I was starting to feel happier, maybe it was the summer was coming? It usually has that effect.

We had the screening of 'Warpaint', hardly anyone turned up and the reaction didn't seem that good, even one of the cast members reactions was "That was Shit!!" - Thank you, Robin Shaw! At least Uni was over!!

I started filming various day trips I went on:

That was with Chris J, this one was with Chris T:

I heard the news that Michael Jackson died on the 25th of this month!


With university now over and being dissmissed from my part time job at odeon, i was free to do my internet research which comprised of
Absolute irrifutable scientific proof of nano-thermite in the world trade centre buildings on 9/11 and the whole swine flu vaccine propaganda. Your governement may be big, but it's not your brother!

The Talentcall heats started this month and the first few shows were a big success, but Terminator 4 was a bit of a let down.

I took ellie into our first crop circle and we also went to paultons park.

My photo and write up about the Odeon sacking went into the southampton echo.


The second season of 'True Blood' was amazing! I also liked the two films, 'This is England'and 'fighting'.
Me, Magentapixie and Miss Magickal had a great time at the Gaunts House Summer Gathering this year.

And Talentcall filming continued with all 12 heats being completed and starting the semi finals. I had a few good nights out, liked the evening at the soul cellar with Chris, Ellie and Nella. I also got hooked on Big Brother this summer!

Me and Chris T also took a random trip to Bournemouth.

Semi finals of Talentcall were completed,
great acts were through to the Talentcall Final, but so sad to see some of our favourite acts not get through :-(

I loved the film 'District 9', 'Camp Fema' and the new 'Loose Change - An American Coup'. Charlie Sheen announced his '20 minutes with the president' plan.

Had an awesome time at the TPUC.org gathering! John Harris is even more amazing when you meet him than in his videos. And on the way home I got flashed by a speed camera!!! Oh the Irony!!!!

I also had a run in with a security guard!! When Injustice becomes law, Rebellion becomes duty!

We lost Patrick Swayze this month - RIP.
I was Working on introduction videos for the big screens at the talentcall final on Oct 11th at Bournemouth Pavillion which were Selling out fast!

I decided to wage peace on the world, while
Ireland unfortunately voted yes to Lisbon treaty. Sad day for Ireland. Welcome to the EU Dictatorship!

Flash Forward and Stargate Univers were the latest shows I was getting excited about, and Heroes was still on too :-)

I had some of my parents old cine films of me and my family transferred to DVD and was sat transfixed while watching!

TALENTCALL FINAL was a great success!!! Well done to all who took part!

Finally I started seeing a chiropractor to sort out my bad shoulder, back and neck. I'm glad the headaches eased off. The tomato soup and crackers helped too.

The Moon bombing live, was a let down, but the film 'Moon' was great!!

Me and Chris T went to winchester for a spot of filming.

And the month was ended off with a great 3 days in a 5 star hotel in London at the Convergence Conference with David Wilcock, I had an amazing time!

Also enjoyed Mike Vaughn's first solo gig at the talking heads.

The first week of this month was spent in Spain!
Kept up to date with things back home via an Internet cafe in Javea! it was really hot there, 28 degrees, often was sat in the sun by the pool while people were cold and wet back in England :-p
When I landed I got a text from Vodafone saying "Welcome to France!!" - What's going on there then?!?!?!?

I watched my little spidergirl in a climbing competition, then we came back and watched I'm a celebrity!What the heck was wrong with Katie Price's top lip???

Donny Osmond was lypsynching to Crazy Horses and the first episode of the remake of "The Prisoner" was Awful Awful Awful!!

My Degree came through the post, bit of a bland, boring design, but hey, I'm now oficially a Batchelor of Arts!

I went to the Joiners for the first time in about 2 years with my good friend Mike Vaughn for the launch show of 'The Program Initiative', a band with a difference, they played behind a screen showing a abstract film they had been shooting and editing on and off for the last year, was a great evening

Was almost in a car accident!! If it hadn't been for something in my brain that made me swerve at just the right time and in just the right direction!! - What kind of motorcyclist overtakes on a blind corner????

My first chocolate out of my advent calender fell out of the window onto the floor :'-( Still......3 second rule eh? yummm! :-D I dressed up as a clown for my daughters science film project, made my first ever homemade pesto sauce and was backing Joe to win on X Factor but Rage Against The Machine to get Christmas number one!

Best films were 2012 and Law Abiding Citizen, but Ihave to say 'AVATAR' is quite frankly the BEST film I have ever seen, and now ranks as my Favourite film of all time!

Talentcall held a successful acoustic night at the royal bath and the Final DVD was finally finished! But the quality of the picture turned out awful, it was decided it wasn't good enough to be sold. Oh well, at least I was freezing in my flat and my PC got a virus!! So I decided I would be ǝןƃuɐ ʇuǝɹǝɟɟıp ɐ ɯoɹɟ pןɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ʇɐ ʞooן ɐ ƃuıʞɐʇ and started updating my facebook stautus from my new LG Viewty phone.

Christmas Eve I announced to the world, BAH Humbug! until 3 ghosts showed up at my door and taught me about goodwill to all mankind! So I wished everyone to have a wonderful christmas!!

New years eve was looming, I had no where to go, and no one to go with....I really started missing the Nexus!
But.....I eventually got tickets for the Wahoo new years eve bash! Goodbye 2009, here's to a much better 2010 :-)

Like I stated at the beginning, this piece of wrting is mainly comprised of my facebook statuses of the year and was a way for me of releasing all the energy associated with 2009, some of the statements made during the year, may not be my opinion or belief now!

Happy New Ears!