26 May 2010

David Icke - HUMAN RACE, GET OFF YOUR KNEES : A Project Avalon Interview...

24 May 2010


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My niece's new daughter, who I met for the first time last week.

Welcome to planet Earth!


14 May 2010

Kroaky's Crop Circle Tour

Welcome to a new series for the summer of 2010 from Kroaky, where I will be investigating the crop circle phenomena, and inviting you on my journey of discovery.

I will be sharing my research with you and hopefully meeting some other researchers to interview and have discussions with. What do you think they are? Aliens? Vortex energy? Wind? Tractors? Elaborate pranksters? Well hopefully, this summer I will get further to the truth. Stay tuned...

These two circles that showed up next to Old Sarum and Stonehenge and were the first two patterns reported this year.

My camera was playing up in the making of these videos, the battery ran low really quick and didn't record some great footage that I had been filming (including a great interview with 2 people that i'd met in the circle, was a real shame).

Keep checking back regularly, as I will be hopefully doing a film about each pattern that turns up this year.

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