8 December 2011

Kroaky Welcomes The Return of Christy

11 July 2011

9 July 2011

Some 'Facebook Flamers' should wash their mouth out with soap!

I love it how some people on facebook have no idea when you are making a joke and take you seriously!!

A friend put this as his status:
"During world war II the Nazis made soap from some of the people they murdered, WTF"

This remided me of the Fight Club film where they made soap out of dead animals, so I just commented this:
"Is that where 'Fight Club' got the idea from?"

Normal, innocent kind of question, right?.......Wrong! Someone called 'EagleRider At Destination Daytona' replied with this:
"Maybe if some of your family was turned into soap Kroaky, you would not make such an ignorant insensitive stupid comment."

Sorry? Who was the one being ignorant *insert comma here* insensitive and stupid? You make your own mind up! ;)

So glad there are nasty people in the world like that, makes me feel so superior!! :PP


Edit: He then commented: "What are you in fifth grade Kroaky?", to which I replied "Yeah, two grades higher than you!! :P"

hehe....Owned!! ;)

7 July 2011

21 May 2011

Kroaky Talks on The Rapture and Census Forms

Kroaky's more meaningful Thoughts!! ;)

14 May 2011

Boscombe Tea Party - 1st May 2011

Here's another happy little local community event. The Boscombe Tea Party on May 1st. I do have a fondness of the ommunity getting together and all having fun!



Talentcall 2011 Charity Showcase at The Dolphin Centre, Poole. April 16th

This years first Talentcall charity event at The Dolphin Centre in Poole was such a great success, there will be another one on June 4th!!

These are the highlights!! .... Enjoy!!

7 April 2011

How to deal with the Census Officer by Kroaky!

Kroaky is not quite feeling himself when the Census Non-Compliance Officer comes knocking!
(Just a bit of fun to get you in the mood for these upcoming visits)

(edit) And here is what happened when he REALLY turned up ;)

;-) Be Well


15 February 2011

My Visit to the Dentist!!

Hey Guys,

Okay, I feel compelled to write a blog about my latest visit to the dentist.

Recently I managed to get signed on with a new dentist, after years of unsuccessful attempts at registering with one! I had been without a dentist for roughly 10 years, and had only a few emergency visits during that time.

Sat in the waiting room before my first visit I was naturally anxious. The dentist man was very pleasant and made me feel relaxed, he had a good vibe about him. He had a look, did a couple of X-rays (unfortunate, but had to be done!), then started work!

I had a good scrape, clean up and polish job, then came the curious part. He said I had a tiny bit of decay and recommended a filling, then he told me to sit back and I was a bit confused as to what was going to happen next, so I asked...

"Are you going to do it now??"
"Yes!" he replied
"Is it the mercury filling or the white stuff?"
"The Amalgam"
"Is that the mercury one?"
"Yes, but the dangers of the amalgam fillings have been highly exagerated"

I realised at that point he was actually going to go ahead and do it, without asking me first, AND to make it worse he was going to do it with something I have been against for years! It would have just happened without my consent if I hadn't have questioned him as to what was going on. I would have had it done and not really known. Is this the sort of training these people have? They make assumptions that we will agree with everything that they are doing?

I then asked what the other options were. He told me the white fillings cost an extra £46. He showed me the x-ray and told me the tiny bit of pre-decay would take years to actually affect me. I felt I didn't even need the filling right now and would go home to do some research as I'd read recently about certian nutrition that can actually reverse decay.

He also added that I had unusually healthy teeth and gums, and whatever i'm doing, carry on, because its working! I told him I had been brushing with a NON-FLUORIDE toothpaste for the last 10 years. He concluded it was probably down to good genetics and nothing to do with the toothpaste. He informed me that he was for Fluoride and needed to brush with it everyday as his teeth were prone to decay. He added that he was envious of my teeth's resistance! (anyone see a pattern here?)

One last word of warning he gave me was to NOT drink too many fresh juices as these will decay my teeth quickly! This surprised me as I am an advocate of juicing and drink tons of it everyday! I did almost laugh, and thought Jason Vale (the juicemaster) would have a field day, but I heard him out! But How come my teeth are so healthy Mr Dentist Man? Is it because I actually know the truth about health and you actually spout bullshit, that you have been taught, to your patients?

Never trust "health professionals" to always have your best interests at heart, always ask questions and above all, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!

Be Well.

Kroaky - Poo! :P

10 February 2011

Would you quit eating all junk food to live five years longer?

Would you quit eating all junk food to live five years longer?

Answer here

9 February 2011

What's your favorite TV show?

Spartacus, True Blood, Lie to Me, V, Fringe, Dexter, 24.......

Ask me anything

6 February 2011

Kroaky Does A Bit Of Juggling

Kroaky is thinking of trying his luck in entering a talent competition!


Which celebrity do you want to shoot more than anyone else?

Michael Mcintyre

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2 February 2011

Kroakys Cheeky Little Love Police Protest 29th January London 2011

Cheeky Little Protest Kroaky Stylee! Once again Kroaky meets up with Charlie Veitch and the Love Police Crew for a bit of Anti-Government Anarchist Love Action!

Cameo appearance by 61shirley and a little bit of beatboxing backing to Charlies Megaphoning! Sub him http://www.YouTube.com/61shirley

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Keep it lighthearted and fun ;)


23 January 2011

Kroaky and Christy Podcast Song (Drum and Bass Remix)

Hi Guys,

So I got rather bored one eveing and decided to get creative with Acid Pro, A few samples and loops and make a Drum and Bass remix of a podcast me and Christy recorded last year. Started of as a bit of a joke, but as I got into it, the tune was starting to grow on me, so I made a video to go with it once it was finished. Enjoy! and feel free to post it on to your friends :)

All the best


P.S. Here is the original podcast it was from.

18 January 2011

Kroaky and Christy Go to Church and Play Musical Chairs

Kroaky and Christy Go to Church and Play Musical Chairs

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All the best


13 January 2011

Kroaky and Christy Uncover the Truth about a Couple of Well Known Conspi...

Kroaky and Christy team up with Dave and Kish (back in Summer 2010) and try to find the 'Free Hugs' people on the South Bank of the Thames and inadverantly uncover the truth about a couple of well known conspiracies!

I am going through some old footage of 2010 and uploading a few clips each week.

This is also the video which sparked off one of the street performers to threaten Kroaky with assault - See next video...

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Be carefull where and who you film!!! :P

All the best ;)


9 January 2011

The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 52 | Mind Set Central

The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 52 | Mind Set Central

Check out the Mind Set Podcast:

Welcome to 2011 and welcome to The Mindset Podcast, after a short break to celebrate the festive season.

And what a show we have for our avid listeners this week.

A two hour special saw the dastardly duo joined by occasional co-presenter Alex Fate, creating an Unholy Trinity of Conspiratorial Connoisseurs.

First off – the future: Ok, so the Mayan Calendar suggests we have little over a year before the world as we know it will cease to exist. So what do the guys believe will happen once that date is reached?

Latest news was discussed by Gareth and Peter, including the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and 12 others in a mass shooting in Arizona USA.
Fear is the key as London undergoes lock-down as the terror threat is raised.
And the murder of Joanna Yeats is investigated and dissected.
Tough topics all, and a sorry old start to the New Year.

Add to this discussion on food price rises, the whys and wherefores of de-skilling and cash-for-gold shark infestations across the western world, and THIS is one bumper show.

We also had time for some clips!

Flu! Yes, this old chestnut is back. Two different takes on the news reporting from the US and UK, and a possible motive, tied into Big Pharma is up for consideration.

Which Tax? ‘Spell’ it right! Witches are now being targeted for tax in Rumania, a country which takes its supernatural beliefs very seriously.

Censor! No, not the things you walk through in airports and at crossing points in the road. This (spelt correctly) deals with the Huckleberry Finn book censorship now hitting schools and homes in the USA.

And a splendid time was had by all!

Until Next Week, Peace Out Humans!


If You Won 1 Million Pounds What Would Youu Do With It ?

Keep Travelling the world, so I would stay in Summer all year round!! :)

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5 January 2011

Kroaky and Christy Preview the Upcoming Year 2011

So another year is upon us, so me and Christy met up on the 4th January to discuss the future of the kroaky channel, which incidently we did on the 4th January last year too, and made a similar video. Could turn out to be a yearly tradition. Ok, ok, lets not get too ahead of ourselves ;)

Video Ideas for Kroaky Channel for 2011:-

* Kroaky's Crop Circle Tour of 2011 - Ongoing Video Investigation
* The Kroaky Show - Comedy/Blog/News/Events e.t.c.
* The Kroaky and Christy Show - Comedy/Day Trips/Conversations/Parodies/Sketches
* The Trip - More Pub Lunch reviews in the style of the well known series with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon
* Music/Artist Promotion - Promoting Local Singers/Songwriters/Bands - Music Videos e.t.c.

If you can think of anything else you'd like us to do, please let us know :D

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All the best for 2011