3 November 2010

Kroaky's First Arrest, Then De-arrest and Assaulted by aggresive bully police!

Hi guys,

Here is the video of what happened last night, with a little explanation video recorded as soon as I got home. After a nights sleep, I can now write my account of what happened with a clearer head.

At around 11:30pm I was driving home past Lymington, heading into the New Forest, noticing a police car behind me, I checked my speed and my manner of driving, all seemed to be in order. The blue lights went on and I pulled into the nearest safe parking space, off road. (lots of winding roads around there)

I half opened my window, and started recording with my 'Kodak Zx1'. The first question The female officer asked was "Whats that?"

"It's a recording device, you dont mind do you?" I replied

"Why are you recording me?" The female PC asked

"Because I'm allowed" I politely explained.

They then asked for driving documents and ID, to which I asked for their ID's first.

PC Purcell - 25248 (Female)
(refused to give name) - 3087 (Male) - (I later found out it was PC Clifford)

They asked me to turn the engine off, and asked for ID again. Well there were still questions I had, before I was prepared to answer any of theirs or follow any orders. I asked "Why" to a lot of their questions and PC Clifford seem irritated by this. They changed their tactic and gave me some bogus reason why they stopped me. They said I took a few corners too wide and suggested they thought I might be drink driving and can I take a breath test, to which I agreed, Then he ordered me to get out of the car in an authoritive manner, I said I'd prefer to stay in the car while Taking the breath test. Now here is where it got ugly. He ordered me to get out of the car, I said, no, I am staying in my car, in accordance with peaceful non-complience and asserting my rights. He threatened to physically remove me from it and threatened to smash my car window. He eventually reached in and opened my car door, seemed all pleased with himself, and manhandled me out in a very aggressive manner and pushed me forcefully up against the car (this is common law assault and I am pressing charges for this)

He was blocking inbetween me and my car, when I went to close my car door he assualted me again by forcefully pushing me up against my car. I remained peceful and calm at all times, announced "I am peaceful and have been at all times and there is no need to use force" to which he disagreed! His full weight was on me so I slightly pushed him away to relieve some of the pressure and discomfort. I asked him to let go of his grip on my arm but he refused, so I decided to grip his arm in the same way to which he assaulted me again by pushing my head back on the car.

"So what have you got against the Police?" He said

"I have Nothing, against the police if they do their job properly, what I do have is something against bullies, which you clearly are" I replied

"Well if you complied with us we wouldnt have to do this so it's YOUR fault" Was the female officers distorted perspective of the situation.

He kept on accusing me of being untrustworthy showing a complete lack of judge of character, his whole attitude was one of mistrust and he announced he had to grip me like this beacause I was going to run away or cause him harm.

I blew into the breath test which was zero then announced my right to remain silent and peaceful non-complience under protest and duress of how I'd been treated, I said I had no ID and wasn't going to give them any more info, until they let me go. He then tried to grab my arm behind my back to which i resisted, which turned into a scuffle. I was slipping out of their grip using my martial arts training so they threatened to use pepper-spray (I think he used the term 'Gas', not sure if its the same thing) so I let them handcuff me. I was fully expecting to be in a cell all night so I surrendered to the situation, they pushed me up against the car, full bodyweight on me. I then decided to go into a meditation and remain silent. I announced that I remove and implied consent of my car being searched, to which they said it would be and what do I have in there that I dont want them to see? You see the mentality of these people?

They continued to ask many many questions, and accusations against me e.t.c. I actually went into a meditation into a kind of 'bliss' state of the 'Now' moment and actually started to see the enjoyment of the whole experience. First exciting thing that had happened to me in a long time. lol. I noticed more things in this state. One that stood out was their continuous repetition of accusing me of being the aggessor first and 'If I'd complied, we could have avoided all this' and 'This was all YOUR doing because I didn't follow orders'. I recognised this was classic NLP training to confuse you into believing that you were actually in the wrong and they were right. I used this back on them later while I was in the back of the van against the Female officer to which I noticed she seemed to be beginning to question her actions. Then she went back into robotic mode and said she didnt want to argue.

Red mark on wrist from handcuffs, they wern't gentle with me at all.

So yeah, I was eventually arrested for failure to produce Insurance and Driving Licence and obstructing a police officer, they took my camcorder and phone out of my pocket and was bundled in the back of the van where I waited while they searched my car (after I verbally removed my consent to a search again).

They eventually announced they had nothing on me and if I gave them my name and it all checked out they would have to let me go. I asked for that guarentee, they said yes. So I gave my name, address and birthdate. They let me go, at no point did I ACTUALLY show any ID or Driving docuents either. When I got back into the car, I found my driving glasses all bent and damaged! Considering They were on the dashboard when i left the car, it must have been done intentionally by them.

Then I drove home and edited the video.

So yeah, all in all, it was a fun night.
Much Love

Kroaky :)