15 January 2010

January 2010 - Health

Happy New Ears - What I got up to New Years Eve to send 2009 away and welcome 2010

So I'd say the year started good for me on an inward level, but could have been better on an outward one. In fact, this year so far has been focused mainly on a transformation of mind and body. The year in review of my last post definatly helped me clear out the mental cobwebs and gave me the incentive to change things on a physical level. (No not new actual ears or anything!!)

Me and Chris T met up to talk about writing comedy sketches for my youtube channel.

January has definatly been one of removing of old negative patterns and replacing them with new positive ones. The main difference in my life is that I have completely changed my diet after reading a couple of books by Jason Vale on juicing, and researching the raw food lifestyle.
After juicing for only a week my dangerously high blood pressure regulated to normal levels. I had tried everything I had researched on the subject and even bought expensive pills off the internet claiming miraculous effects, but to no avail. But somehow the raw food diet seemed to be calling me, so I stumbled upon David Wolfe and Shazzie material, which in turn, led to me discovering Jason Vale. These three together seemed to have consolodated everything you need to know about becoming a raw foodist.

I even talked about it when I was interviewed for a radio show!

But in the main, January had been a bit of a non starter, with all the snow, freezing weather and very little money, I stayed in a lot, read books, experimented with foods and juicing and did my usual internet research. I'm hopeing, no, planning to make February a better, more productive month.


p.s. Lots of Juicy recipes in this Juice suggestion software :-D Happy juicing!!

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