11 July 2011

What do you think would happen if apes took over? #apeswillrise

I'd go ApeShit!!! - It's the movie I'm most looking forward to by the way!!

Formspring me, cos I am, Like, Well Bored!!...

9 July 2011

Some 'Facebook Flamers' should wash their mouth out with soap!

I love it how some people on facebook have no idea when you are making a joke and take you seriously!!

A friend put this as his status:
"During world war II the Nazis made soap from some of the people they murdered, WTF"

This remided me of the Fight Club film where they made soap out of dead animals, so I just commented this:
"Is that where 'Fight Club' got the idea from?"

Normal, innocent kind of question, right?.......Wrong! Someone called 'EagleRider At Destination Daytona' replied with this:
"Maybe if some of your family was turned into soap Kroaky, you would not make such an ignorant insensitive stupid comment."

Sorry? Who was the one being ignorant *insert comma here* insensitive and stupid? You make your own mind up! ;)

So glad there are nasty people in the world like that, makes me feel so superior!! :PP


Edit: He then commented: "What are you in fifth grade Kroaky?", to which I replied "Yeah, two grades higher than you!! :P"

hehe....Owned!! ;)

7 July 2011