9 January 2011

The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 52 | Mind Set Central

The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 52 | Mind Set Central

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Welcome to 2011 and welcome to The Mindset Podcast, after a short break to celebrate the festive season.

And what a show we have for our avid listeners this week.

A two hour special saw the dastardly duo joined by occasional co-presenter Alex Fate, creating an Unholy Trinity of Conspiratorial Connoisseurs.

First off – the future: Ok, so the Mayan Calendar suggests we have little over a year before the world as we know it will cease to exist. So what do the guys believe will happen once that date is reached?

Latest news was discussed by Gareth and Peter, including the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and 12 others in a mass shooting in Arizona USA.
Fear is the key as London undergoes lock-down as the terror threat is raised.
And the murder of Joanna Yeats is investigated and dissected.
Tough topics all, and a sorry old start to the New Year.

Add to this discussion on food price rises, the whys and wherefores of de-skilling and cash-for-gold shark infestations across the western world, and THIS is one bumper show.

We also had time for some clips!

Flu! Yes, this old chestnut is back. Two different takes on the news reporting from the US and UK, and a possible motive, tied into Big Pharma is up for consideration.

Which Tax? ‘Spell’ it right! Witches are now being targeted for tax in Rumania, a country which takes its supernatural beliefs very seriously.

Censor! No, not the things you walk through in airports and at crossing points in the road. This (spelt correctly) deals with the Huckleberry Finn book censorship now hitting schools and homes in the USA.

And a splendid time was had by all!

Until Next Week, Peace Out Humans!


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