28 February 2010

Calling all Actors/Scriptwriters!

  • Do you have a talent/experience in Acting?
  • Have you got a flair for scriptwriting/storytelling?
  • Are you or have you ever been a member of an amateur (or even pro) dramatics company?
  • Do you have that urge to be performing more with a great cast?
  • Would you rather be performing in front of the camera than on stage?
  • Do you want to be part of something special?
  • Do you have the time, commitment and dedication to be involved in an exciting new project?
  • Do you live near or around the Southampton area (or could drive to get here)?
If your answer is yes to the above questions, then read on....

Kroaky Productions is soon to be embarking on a new project...

A new online television programme, where the cast meet once or twice a week, like any amateur dramatic company, to write, rehearse and film this new series.

You would be in the driving seat from the very beginning to shape your character and storyline. Each week we will have brainstorming sessions as to what new exciting storylines could happen to take our characters on wild adventures in life and love. It will be filmed in a style that will make the whole process quick and easy. Instead of friends and family coming to the theatre to see you in play e.t.c. they will be able to see each episode from the comfort of their own Computer or DVD Player. And not only that, you will be able to build up a comprehensive show reel of all your best moments.

There are no upper age limits, but I would ask that this is for over eighteens only. Initially I will be looking for 2 males and 2 females for the main characters. If there is more interest and more great talent out there that cannot be overlooked, the project is flexible enough to have an extra character or two. Plus I'd like to have a list of people that would be interested in walk-on parts and extras. So please just apply!

Each episode will be roughly 5 minutes long and initially one series will be about 20 episodes, the finished product will be made available to all once editing is completed.

If anyone is interested in embarking on this new journey to improve their life/acting skill/storytelling and has the time, commitment and dedication to be involved for the duration then please contact Kroaky@aol.com

Please send a CV or letter to say what kind of experience you have had and why you want to be part of this project e.t.c.
There will be no auditions as such, but I will certainly want to meet you for an informal chat, also if you have any footage of you acting in shows please send any links to it online or bring it with you to the meeting.

Well I think that's it for now, but if there any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact me on email Kroaky@aol.com

I look forward to hearing from you.


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