4 February 2010

February 2010 - Part One - Money

1st - Well this month kicked off with a one day course that the Job Centre sent me on called "Realistic Jobs for Me" - oh dear *shakes head* oh dear, oh dear!
To be honest, it was a bit of fun and the people who ran it were nice, but my evaluation of it was that it is a complete waste of money to the taxpayer, or whoever funds these kind of things. It's designed for people who are depressed and lacking in motovation, not the happy, intellegent four that actually turned up! Well five turned up, but one left in a right state, no idea what was wrong with him but he almost had a breakdown. The course is for people like him......but he left!!! See what I mean?

2nd - A trip to the market and a few shops to get the bare essentials, left me with no money....again!!! Living with no money and depleting food, gas (heating) and petrol is actually beginning to take its toll on me. Staying in a positive frame of mind is hard when faced with poverty looming forever near. Oh well, at least I can watch the final season premeire of 'Lost' before I go and pick up the local paper to search for jobs!

4th - Just got back from the bank, I got a statement printed out because I wanted to know why my money dissapeared so fast, and it seems I have had bank charges for a direct debit that I was certain went out on the 20th, not the 3rd. Why is it that poor people are charged for being POOR! How can these thieving criminals sleep at night?

5th - I am Wealth, I am Abundance, I am Joy!
I discovered an amazing book:-

It has completely changed the way I think about things. I felt I knew most of this stuff and had read loads on 'The Secret' and the 'Law of Attraction', but this guy explains it in such a simple way that makes you think, OMG!! of course!! It's so easy. It made me realise the error in my thinking. I thought I was such a positive thinking person until I read this and realised I have actually been very negative, I mean, Look at my posts from 1st to 4th. Well from now on, my posts are going to be very much different! Follow me on my journey to wealth conciousness, you can come too, how cool is that?? :-D

Here is that book that I'm on about, seriously, take time to check it out, It should be the definative book on the whole subject of Law of Attraction and Wealth Conciousness. Enjoy..
...Click on the book to get it yourself.

"“A Happy Pocket Full of Money PLUS+”

Money: An illusion, a shadow of something else…

The first step to having wealth is to know what it is. And few people know what it really is, in and of itself. What is wealth? What causes it? What causes the cause of it? Let us start with money, the world’s symbol of wealth, and then move deeper.

Money is not real...

A Happy Pocket Full of MoneyGet your full, free copy in PDF format today

See what people are saying about it...

David, I am so grateful to have found your work (^o^). They are simply priceless! You words are like beacon of light that shine brightly to guide my path. When I was introduced to your work, it felt as though suddenly all my innate knowing had been articulated and translated into words. It was like finding a key to puzzle of life. Thank you David to reminding us of our magnificence and infinite possibilities that is always waiting to manifest through our next thought. - Mariko

In all seriousness, I am well read in the areas David writes about. But I have never found any resource or book that lays things out the way his do. EVERYONE should read this stuff! It gives one a whole new perspective on life, success, love, and the world. There isn't a day that goes by I don't read several pages and review the material. Thank you for your insights and the work you are doing. David, I cannot get enough of your material. It is evident we have read the same books, have had the same questions, but you have explored things in more depth than I did. CUDOS to you! Love this info...I EAT it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I would love to live close to you to be able to have some trully in-depth conversations. Most people I speak with have either no interest or its over their head. I could explore this stuff forever.... The material is very profound, life altering. Imagine if just 10% of the population took these teachings and concepts to heart...what a difference the world would be, huh? All the best, Dave Mullins - Dave Mullins

... I, as others, am truly blown away by the complete and comprehensive TRUTHS that are in your books, seeming to encompass all of my study over the past 40 plus years!...So far, all of the rest of what you have written in this first book (Happy Pocket is next on my list, and I saw somewhere it is an expansion of the one I'm reading now) is a very succinct and wonderful explanation of all of the principles I've been learning over the past 20-30-40 years! I hope more and more readers will become open to these understandings - Jannette Robert Murray

I have been a little cynical lately about all of the personal and mind development. The reason was that after going to seminars, reading books, lessening to tapes, etc. I was getting a little bit disappointed to keep hearing over and over again the same think: "You can do and have anything you like..." or "I went from bankrupt to millionaire in one year...." How? Nobody would tell you the step-by-step of how this things work or how they did it step-by-step. David Cameron is the first author who explains step-by-step how all works in a simple manner. He must be a natural teacher. I couldn't put the book down although some things I read I would need to read it again as they sound to extraordinaire to me. Thank you again for writing such a nice and simple book but with such depth. ... I spend till 5am going through everything. I felt like an sponge. I wanted to absorb everything. - Maria Schmolmueller

A whole new world has opened up for me and my stress level is practically zero. This is an astounding as in the past, I've been such a constant "worry wart". My entire family is benefiting from this... it just trickles down into all their lives. I have such appreciation and gratitude for your gift of wisdom. And our financial life, which had been in the pits, is now turning around (or, more correctly, "WE ARE WEALTH".) ... Much love, - S.H.

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